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Fast turnaround on perfect resume submissions can mean the difference between getting hired for your dream job or not.  Through our partnership with you can load your current resume into their portal, add a job description or two that interest you, and the team does the rest of the thinking for you.  Within one to two days you will receive a complete report showing what you need to add or change to make your resume an exact fit for the job you’re seeking.

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Create A Resume That Generates Interviews

Careerflow offers expert resume reviews tailored to professionals across all fields, providing a rapid refresh and personalized guidance.

Careerflow in-depth analysis highlights the specific sections of your resume that require improvement, ensuring you catch the attention of recruiters and secure those coveted interview invitations.

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Get a complete LinkedIn Makeover


Enhance your LinkedIn presence for increased visibility in desired job opportunities. Companies rely on LinkedIn daily as a resource to discover suitable candidates. Crafting or revising your profile from scratch can be a time-consuming task. However, by utilizing our collaboration with, you can effortlessly import your LinkedIn profile into their platform for updating.

Simply input a couple of job descriptions that catch your interest, and let the proficient team handle the laborious work.

Within just a day or two, you’ll receive a comprehensive report highlighting the necessary additions or modifications to align your profile perfectly with your desired job position.

Get a 10% discount with our promo code “MERITO” will send you all the information you need to make the changes necessary to your profile or resume – you make the final decisions on the changes and implement them using the necessary information. also offers job search process tracking services and more.  Click the link above for the services you choose – keep us posted on your progress! is a Techstars Company


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