Moonlighting is defined as an employee working another job outside of their main job. Traditionally, moonlighting employees were those who were cash-strapped or in-between careers, but in today’s gig economy, many white-collar professionals are turning to a second job for a variety of reasons – supplemental income, personal fulfillment, skill-building and other factors.


It is estimated that up to 7% of full-time employees moonlight in the United States. So, a company of 40 employees can potentially expect 3-4 individuals to be working second jobs.


Moonlighting in and of itself is a very controversial topic. As a bad example: On January 13, another South Florida police officer has been arrested and is facing grand theft charged for fraudulently billing off-duty hours to the police department at the same time as his regular shift. (Read more at WSVN.)


Regardless of your stance, it is important to have an open company policy in place regarding moonlighting in case an issue does arrive. Download our infographic for more information about Moonlighting and possible solutions to handle it within your organization.