Have you heard the phrase “quiet quitting”? That is the new labor trend on TikTok. But this new terminology is not about quitting at all, it’s not even slacking. Quiet quitting describes as not doing more or less than what your job requires.

However, for some, it means setting boundaries and not taking on additional work; for others, it just means not going above and beyond. But it does not mean you’re leaving the job.

The new trend is the American hustle culture also known as burnout culture and grind culture; hustle culture refers to the mentality that one must work all day every day in pursuit of their professional goals. One of the most important reasons for the new terminology “quiet quitting” is the desire for a better work-life balance.

Other causes of quiet quitting

  1. Excess workload
  2. Lack of employer support
  3. Blurred boundaries
  4. Poor compensation
  5. Unclear expectations
  6. Lack of communication
  7. Feeling unappreciated at work

According to Helios HR, as Gen Z enters the workforce, the idea of quiet quitting has gained much traction as they deal with burnout and ongoing work demands. For many, it is an act of self-preservation at a time when employees may believe employers are asking for more in return for less.

Employees deserve to have reasonable working conditions and demands, positive cultures, and the chance to be passionate about their jobs and to learn and grow while still having a life beyond the office. It is the responsibility of leadership to nurture these conditions and fix workplace dysfunctions so that employees can strike a healthy work-life balance without checking out or “quiet quitting”.

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