Setting Goals -vs- Making Resolutions

Setting goals for a new year is like building a road map for the next 12 months. It gives us a chance to consider where we’re at, what we want, and how to get there. Without a plan, we’re more likely to wander aimlessly or waste time on tactics that won’t work. 

Executive search firms are experts at helping you find appropriate candidates for key positions that are important for you to hire right the first time. There are 3 main advantages to using a professional executive search firm to help you meet hiring goals:

  1. The candidates they send are professionally pre-screened with the candidate’s goals and values at the forefront. Executive recruiters who do their jobs upfront well will know a lot about the candidates they submit. The candidates will have already expressed an interest in doing the work you need to have done so your hiring time will be shortened because the people you receive are a good fit for your needs.
  2. Executive searches are shortened because of the work the executive recruiter does upfront. Using an executive recruiter or executive search firm shortens your time to hire, and increases your chances of getting the person you want because they know how to ensure quality hires are completed in a reasonable timeframe.
  3. They guarantee their work. Merito Group, as an example, has a less than 1% replacement rate. This means that for every 100 people Merito Group has placed, they have only had to replace one person. That shows an exceptional up front screening process that really does work.

As a job seeker, setting your goal to find a new job should always include working with a search firm with whom you have a trust based relationship. The best way to develop a good relationship is to hire people from search firms so the recruiters get to know you well. Its hard to establish trust quickly with people you don’t know, so work to build trust based relationships as you can when you’re hiring so when you’re looking for a new role, the recruiters really know you and can help you create your resume to get the position you really want. You’ll be able to trust them and their process having personally seen it from the hiring side, so you know they will professionally represent you in the market. Unsolicited resumes can sometimes lead to long-term professional relationships so treat the recruiters you meet along the way with respect and try your best to get to know them. If they are unwilling to spend time with you, they may not be the right recruiter for you long term. Having a handful of trust-based relationships will really go a long way over the course of your career. Referrals to executive search firms can also be a good way to create long term trust with executive recruiters you meet. They always need great referrals so keep in mind, they have a job to do to serve the client so giving them referrals that meet those needs will help you reach your goals faster when it comes time for you to make a move.

Goal setting requires structure, and using the start of a new year or a new quarter to reflect on progress and set new goals is great for this.

Resolutions are firm decisions to do or not do something.  They are more about making a firm decision or declaration to change, often without the detailed action plans associated with goals. They can be more general and may not have the same level of specificity as goals.

It’s no wonder New Year’s resolutions are so common — and that we so commonly fail. Take a few minutes now to set yourself up for success and click here for more ideas on setting achievable goals.