We may be in one of the worst crises in modern history, and more than any other time, the economy is in a state of flux and uncertainty. If you are still employed, you are among the lucky ones. Now is not the time to rest on your laurels because things may get worse before they get better. However, things will get better. The key is to be prepared for the changes for better or worse as they occur. Here are three key things you should be doing.



Be opportunistic.
With social distancing and telework, you may find yourself with some more time on your hands because you no longer have a commute. Take advantage of this extra time. Pick up responsibilities that no one else seems to want to do and do them well. Be the first to volunteer to help with projects as they come up. Offer to do that spreadsheet that no one else wants to put together or research the issue that is holding a project back. Make yourself available on a Saturday to help out. Be productive, opportunistic, and you will shine.

Get plenty of rest.
For the sake of your health and the sake of your work, you need to take care of yourself. In times of crisis, we have more adrenalin going through our systems, and after the adrenalin high comes the adrenalin low: exhaustion. Don’t put yourself and your ability to function at risk. Go to bed at a decent hour every night. Work out at home. There are many free online workout groups that offer daily workouts and positive motivation. Exercise actually helps you to rest better. Take a break. If you take time to rest, then you will be ready to work hard when you need to and will get more done.

Protect yourself.
Your career should have some armor. These days that protection is necessary for keeping your current job, coming back strong or positioning yourself for the next opportunity. What type? Education, skill sets and work ethic all help armor you from layoffs and make you a more attractive candidate. Invest in yourself in order to keep your skills and education current. Learn how to do something that is necessary but uninteresting to others in your office. For example, learn Macros and Pivot tables in Excel if no one else knows how to do them well. Work ethic will help to protect you too. Be sure to put in a few extra hours of work, follow up on projects and with clients. Be an asset to your organization.

Adapt, survive. That is the name of the game. Be a leader when it comes to getting the work done, make sure you are working at your peak performance and maintain your cutting edge skills. At Merito Group, we work with talented, proactive professionals who have what it takes to thrive no matter the challenge. Contact us today about opportunities that may suit you.