Leadership Values with Insights from The Harvard Business Review:

In the realm of leadership and collaboration, values play a pivotal role in shaping the success and effectiveness of individuals and teams. As a leader in your company, it is necessary to develop a clear leadership style and set of personal values to stand by that align with the company’s larger vision. Penny Herscher’s brilliant insights from the Harvard Business Review in The Lead To Leader, illustrate practical steps for leaders to take to develop what she calls “your personal leadership brand”. 

When Patty works with emerging leaders, there are 5 questions she always asks before diving into the details. 

  1. What three values are most important to you as a leader and peer? 
  2. How have you lived these values in your career thus far? 
  3. Why are they important for driving success? 
  4. How would you describe your leadership philosophy and approach to a recruit? 
  5. How would a current team member describe them?

Identifying Core Values:

When reflecting on leadership and collaboration, it is essential to identify the core values that guide one’s actions. These values may vary among individuals, but three commonly cherished values are integrity, empathy, and accountability. Integrity encompasses honesty, ethical conduct, and consistency. Empathy involves understanding and valuing others’ perspectives, fostering a culture of compassion and inclusivity. Accountability entails taking responsibility for one’s actions, delivering on commitments, and promoting a sense of ownership.

Living Values in Career:

Living core values is not a passive endeavor; it requires conscious effort and intentional actions. As a leader and colleague, one can demonstrate integrity by acting with honesty, maintaining ethical standards, and being transparent in decision-making. Empathy can be shown by actively listening, seeking diverse perspectives, and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard and valued. Accountability is demonstrated by fulfilling commitments, taking ownership of mistakes, and seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.

Driving Success:

Values are not mere buzzwords; they have a tangible impact on driving success. Integrity establishes trust and credibility, fostering strong relationships and a positive work environment. Empathy promotes collaboration, innovation, and a sense of belonging, leading to enhanced teamwork and employee engagement. Accountability cultivates a culture of responsibility, productivity, and continuous improvement, ultimately driving organizational success.

Leadership Philosophy and Approach to Recruitment:

Leadership philosophy encompasses a leader’s fundamental beliefs and principles. When approaching recruitment, a leader should prioritize finding individuals who align with the organization’s values. They should assess candidates based on their ability to embody integrity, empathy, and accountability. A leader’s approach should involve seeking individuals who not only possess the necessary skills but also exhibit a shared commitment to these core values.

Team Member Perception:

A leader’s values and leadership philosophy are often perceived through the lens of their team members. Effective leaders inspire trust and respect through their consistent actions aligned with core values. Team members may describe them as reliable, supportive, and fair. When leaders embody integrity, empathy, and accountability, they foster a positive work environment, encourage growth, and create opportunities for collaboration and personal development.

Developing Leaders That Inspire Requires Focus and Collabortation:

Values are the bedrock of effective leadership and collaboration. Embracing integrity, empathy, and accountability not only guides individual actions but also influences team dynamics and overall success. Leaders who live these values in their careers create an environment of trust, empathy, and responsibility, fostering growth and driving the organization towards excellence. By prioritizing these values and seeking individuals who share them, leaders can build strong, cohesive teams that thrive on shared principles and mutual respect.

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