Teams Often Leave Gaps in Onboarding Temp to Hire and Contingent Labor Employees

Bringing temporary hires and contingent labor onboard presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. While these employees may have shorter tenures within the organization, their contributions are no less crucial.

Unfortunately, when it comes to onboarding temps and contingent laborers, hiring managers and the team often leave gaps in their onboarding. They are not given the same care and attention as an employee who is expected to stay. There are a few points to consider when looking at a temporary hire and onboarding.

1. Temps can always convert to a perm position, by leaving gaps in their onboarding, you are potentially only prolonging an inevitable need to train.

2. Temps are just as much testing you out as a company, as you are testing them out as an employee. As leaders in business, always lead with your best foot forward. A dedicated and organized onboarding process shows a lot about a company’s culture.

A comprehensive onboarding plan, tailored training, and mentorship play pivotal roles in ensuring that these individuals quickly integrate into the team and make meaningful impacts. While we’re looking specifically at temps and contingent labor, understand that these are great tips to be applied to any type of onboarding, including remote or hybrid onboarding.


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Create a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan

A well-rounded onboarding plan is the foundation for a successful journey for temporary hires and contingent labor. This plan should encompass all essential aspects of the organization, such as company policies, procedures, team introductions, and most importantly, the company culture. By providing a thorough orientation, employees gain insights into the organization’s values and objectives, helping them align their efforts with the broader company mission.

Temporary hires and contingent labor may have limited time to acclimate to their roles, making a comprehensive onboarding plan even more critical. By efficiently introducing them to their responsibilities and the overall team dynamic, they can quickly start contributing to the organization’s success.

Customize Training for Your New Hires 

Unlike full-time employees who undergo extensive training, temporary hires and contingent labor may have unique skill sets and experiences. Tailoring training programs to their specific tasks and responsibilities is essential in equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.

Customized training allows these employees to focus on the areas most relevant to their assignments, making their onboarding experience more efficient and productive. This approach not only ensures that they are well-prepared for their responsibilities but also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to supporting their professional growth.

Provide Mentorship and Feedback

Feeling like a valued part of the team can make a significant difference for temporary hires and contingent labor. Assigning a mentor to support them during the onboarding process can be highly beneficial. A mentor acts as a guide, helping them navigate their new roles, providing insights into the team’s dynamics, and offering valuable advice.

Moreover, regular feedback is essential to ensure these employees stay on track and understand their performance expectations. Constructive feedback helps build confidence and clarifies areas for improvement, allowing them to make the necessary adjustments and contribute effectively.

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Microsoft and Onboarding Buddies

In 2019, Microsoft revolutionized its onboarding process by implementing the “Onboarding Buddy” program, pairing new hires with experienced mentors. This initiative proved immensely successful, as onboarding buddies provided vital organizational context, personalized training, and unwavering support. The program led to heightened productivity, improved new employee satisfaction, and a more engaged and integrated workforce. By prioritizing human connections and tailored guidance, Microsoft’s onboarding buddy program has set a new standard for a seamless and impactful onboarding experience.

“Over the last few years, Microsoft has been working to improve its onboarding process. At the outset, we learned that a seemingly simple action — managers having one-on-one meetings with their new hires during their first week on the job — has outsized benefits. Through our continued research, we’ve also come to another conclusion: Onboarding buddies play an important role in ensuring a successful onboarding experience.”  -Harvard Business Review: Every New Employee Needs an Onboarding Buddy

Onboarding Standards Elevate Employee Experience and New Hire Retention

Comprehensive onboarding plans, tailored training, and mentorship programs are essential ingredients for creating a positive and productive onboarding experience for temporary hires and contingent labor. As these employees might have limited time within the organization, it becomes even more critical to ensure they feel welcome, supported, and equipped to perform at their best.

Organizations that invest in the onboarding process for temporary hires and contingent labor not only foster a positive work environment but also increase the likelihood of their success and future contributions. By integrating these individuals seamlessly into the team, companies can build a dynamic and agile workforce that thrives regardless of the duration of their tenure. Remember, making a strong first impression sets the stage for long-term success, even for temporary members of your team.

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