Recruiting Process Outsourcing

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,With a 100% success rate since 2015 meeting our client deliverable expectations, filling thousands of positions for cleared and non-cleared professionals on a wide variety of projects nationwide, our team can be trusted to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Merito Group offers a variety of custom pipelining, sourcing, and pre-screening solutions to meet your recruitment process outsourcing needs. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a business model used by organizations and companies to outsource the management of the recruitment function (in whole or part) to a third-party expert to drive cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability benefits. Here at Merito Group, we have successfully serviced clients who needed only a few hard-to-find people, as well as those who were needing to hire thousands of candidates based on a metrics-driven solution.

We provide on- or off -site resources to complement your existing team as well as complete outsourced solutions. All of our recruitment process outsourcing recruiters and screeners are US-based resources and generally local to the market they serve. Sourcing teams vary in size and are assigned based on the complexity of each client’s needs. These include an executive sponsor, a QC director providing 100% review of all submitted resumes, a sourcing project manager, administrative support, any other necessary skilled team members. We strive to tailor our recruitment process outsourcing services to meet the unique and individual needs of each client in a timely manner, while remaining sensitive to cost and resource limitations


Pursuit & Proposal Sourcing

    • Our dedicated Pursuit & Proposal recruiting team guarantees a pre-agreed upon number of qualified, candidate submissions, per project.
    • Merito Group charges a volume-based flat fee for the work performed with an at-risk selection fee for each hire billed upon project award / start date.
    • Each candidate is screened, and a custom submission form with a resume is presented for each candidate. The candidate also applies directly to your open billet for tracking and compliance purposes.
    • Our process is designed to reduce your cost to hire over traditional staffing fees for direct hire and would allow you to “own the candidates presented”. This is your intellectual property to be used as you see fit for this or other projects.
Our Federal Government
Subcontracting Experience Includes:

• Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
• National Security Agency (NSA)
• Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
• Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
• Department of Defense (DoD)
• Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
• Health and Human Services (HHS)
• National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
• Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
• General Services Administration (GSA)
• US Air Force
• US Army
• The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
• Trust, Collaboration, & Mutual Respect
• Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)

RPO Sourcing Features
& Benefits

Enlisting the help of recruitment process outsourcing is a personal decision for many businesses — one that isn’t always easy to make. Hiring is a sensitive, feel-focused process for organizations, as both skills and personality fit play a part in putting the right candidate in the right position. Therefore, we understand that trusting your hiring to someone outside your four walls can be a big choice — but we promise your return is worth the investment.

US-Based Team

Recruitment process outsourcing teams are regionally located to best meet your needs. These teams are supervised daily and can be remote or on site for your convenience. Sourcing teams vary in size and include: Executive Sponsor, Delivery & QC Manager etc..

Metrics Driven

The number of candidates sourced is determined according to specific program hiring needs. Merito Group’s unique data-driven sourcing model guarantees a steady flow of candidates to meet and exceed expectations.


The details of each candidate interaction are provided in a continuous rolling custom report to track the status and process of each submission. Merito Group uses its applicant tracking system to keep track of sourcing efforts along with detailed notes.

Candidate Quality

Every candidate is qualified according to your needs. Our team calls each candidate prior to submission to verify experience and salary expectations.



Your business changes at a moment’s notice, and so do we. Because of continuous contact with our clients, we are able to halt and resume or change scope immediately.



Current candidate resumes are provided with every report and kept on a secure server as well as uploaded into our internal tracking system. Giving clients full access and transparency into the data associated with their recruitment process outsourcing project.

RPO Recent
Sourcing Projects

Through the use of customized data driven solutions, we guarantee to meet your hiring needs and deadlines, impacting your top line revenue and bottom line profit with solid ROI results. Following is information regarding Merito Group’s credentials and track record of success completing recent high-volume sourcing projects.


1. Summer scholarship program needed to hire 200 teachers and child development specialists for middle and high school age students within 8 weeks for S.T.E.M., science and business courses.

2. Fortune 100 company’s public-sector services division needed to hire 16 candidates monthly for TS/SCI CI Poly cleared professionals in a variety of IT roles for 3 confiden- tial DC area locations with urgent needs within a 6+ month timeframe.

3. Cargo and aviation services company needed to hire approximately 150 multiple shift dock workers during the pandemic within a 4-week period.

4. Fortune 1000 Federal Government Contractor needed to hire 1100 specialized candidates to fulfill immediately billable positions requiring public trust clearances within 6 months.

5. Client, as 1st Tier Sub, needed support filling IDIQ needs for the Intelligence Community across 35 Programs within 6 months. All positions were TS/SCI FSP.


1. The Merito Group was tasked with sending up to 600 qualified candidates or 200 hires, whichever came first.

2. The Merito Group was tasked with presenting 16 sourced and screened candidates monthly. Candidates were delivered via email. Each one applied through dedicated portal links per job.

3. The Merito Group broke the project up into weekly delivera- bles in order to send 450- 600 qualified candidates or 150 hires, whichever came first.

4. The Merito Group sourced, screened, and delivered 4800 clearable candidates at a rate of 800 per month. Each candidate was required to apply directly to each requisition to move through the client’s process.

5. The Merito Group was tasked with supplying 20 plus qualified resumes per month resulting in approximately 4-6 plus hires per month.


1. The client reached its goal before the conclusion of the 8-week timeframe and was completed on budget.

2. The client made over 30 hires in advance of the initial 120 day deadline they had set, with many people in process at the end of the project term. The client exceeded their own internal metric of 85% offer extension on the candidates they interviewed.

3. The client hired the requested 150 candidates within the requested timeframe and on budget.

4. The client exceeded their targets, hiring over 1200 people in advance of their deadline. In addition, they extended the program to also add a task order to source 300 candidates with higher level clearance requirements on the same program.

5. The client’s deliverable was exceeded each month in contrast to other efforts the client had previously employed which did not yield results.


1. The client hired candidates quickly due to Merito Group’s through pre-screening and evaluation of potential candidates.

2. The client received additional resumes for programs that were separate from the original Merito Group engagement. The client hired many candidates for other positions in addition to the project we were given.

3. At this time the federal govern- ment was paying $600 a week for people to stay home if they were unemployed, so that presented an extra hiring challenge.

4. The client exceeded the billable target and mentioned the program in the company’s annual report.

5. The Merito Group assisted the client with best practices with respect to recruiting, interviewing, and closing high demand candidates.