Are you gripped by fear at the thought of speaking in front of large numbers of people? Does it give you anxiety having to give a presentation at work? You’re not alone. According to Brian Tracey, the world’s leading marketing, sales and personal development expert: the average person fears public speaking more than death itself!

Yet being able to effectively communicate your ideas to key decision makers, teammates, potential customers and investors is arguable one of the most important, skills you need for building a successful career in business.

Great public speaking is a critical success factor in:

  • Pitching new business ideas
  • Organizational Culture Change
  • Effective Management and Team Leadership
  • Giving Online Presentations and Talks
  • Creating highly effective multimedia, Digital Marketing, Social Media and eLearning Resources

What’s the good news for beginners when it comes to become great public speakers? Well it turns out that public speaking actually boils down to a learnable set of skills.

Most people improve rapidly within just hours of actually getting started. The best way to accelerate this learning process is to study and practice the most effective yet simple public speaking tips, tricks and strategies.

So where do you start?

Here are 18 powerful public speaking tips, tricks and strategies that will help you quickly become a highly effective speaker people will really love to watch, listen and learn from!  

1. Act In-Spite of Yourself – Just Do It!

What’s the number one most important tip for becoming an amazing public speaker? At first, you simply need to act in-spite of feeling nervous or afraid. The more you get out there and just do it!

The more quickly you learn to control your emotions and get into a state of flow and connection with your audience. You may make mistakes at first, but those are incredibly value learning experiences that are only going to make you stronger and more confident.

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