According to Dominick Reuter at Business Insider, the practice of employees and candidates ghosting their new or potential employers is becoming all too common. Employers are running into employees who quit with no notice, usually to take a higher paying job. Recruiters are encountering candidates who don’t show up for interviews or won’t show up for the first day even after they’ve accepted the position.

What is causing employees and candidates to leave with no explanation?

Reuter says that candidates and employees ghost employers because of low wages, misleading job descriptions, or a lack of training isn’t an incentive to stick around. In a tough labor market where candidates have options to choose from when job searching, it makes sense that they choose what is best for them.

However, not communicating that they are no longer interested in a role or giving any notice when leaving eliminates an opportunity to expand their network. Networking is a powerful tool to find jobs in the short and long term, with LinkedIn citing that 80% of jobs are found through some sort of networking.