If only college offered a course about learning how to please the boss. It should even be a degree requirement. In fact, if they offered it, the ideal course title would be Learning To Exceed the Boss’ Expectations. It’s a lesson we all could use, and one that can spell success in your career.

On the job, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out the minimum necessary to get the project over the line. Question is, how you feel about your co-workers who consistently drive the team into the endzone to uproarious cheers. How does their treatment compare with your work that may only get a nice pat on the back and maybe a “nice job” in a meeting once in a while?

Your colleague has figured out the secret: the goal is to not only meet but exceed expectations. And they didn’t get over the goal line on blind luck. Chances are, they have asked what the goal looks like – so they know how to exceed it.

The day can be busy enough without it, and it’s not top of mind for most people, but those who learn how to communicate openly with supervisors in person, over the phone, or video chat are often those that have the best relationships. From the outside, the communicators may seem like they have it easier. But the truth is, they actually are putting in more time to learn. Therefore, they are able to achieve a higher output than their peers. They are working smarter and harder, and it shows.

There are so many upsides to over-delivering. If you deliver excellent results time after time, it will become rare that your work will be under a microscope. If you demonstrate that you are reliable for the extra mile, no one will be picking your work apart. This makes success build on itself.

You can exceed expectations by putting forth initiative, being creative and learning to anticipate needs. How many times has your boss asked for something and you already have it prepared? That type of proactive work will set you apart from your reactive peers. Anticipating needs before they happen is just one step to take. You also set yourself apart from the pack as an outstanding employee when you don’t just do your job, you go above and beyond every time. You have to take that extra step or two and deliver the quality of work that won’t be expected, which involves thoroughness and creativity. If you make the effort to exceed expectations, soon you will be the “go-to” person getting all the accolades.

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