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Congratulations on getting the job and welcome to Merito Group Insider!

Here you will find access to:

• Important announcements like closures due to weather and holidays

• Your recruiter’s contact information

• Our company blog with hot tips for employees

• Merito Group’s contact information

• Announcements about special events held just for our consultants

Please feel free to keep in touch with your recruiter Jake, Annie, Joel & Ed.

Reach out to your recruiter or Merito Group's office manager, Megan, if you have any questions


Holiday Pay:

• Consultants are paid for hours worked and only paid time and a half if they worked over 40 hours in a single week (Sunday-Saturday), and that overtime has been approved by their direct supervisor(s). Time and a half is not paid if consultants work on a Federal Holiday, unless approved by their assignment/company.

Vaccine Mandates:

• Some of our clients have requested that our consultants be vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination in order to maintain a safe work environment and to comply with government mandates. If you have any questions about your assignments Vaccine Requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Home Office.
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Happy Birthday!

Shayan Khan – 4/6

Samina Sekander 4/7

David Haas 4/17

Bianca Adam 4/18

Mahmut Polat 4/24

Adden Admassu 4/26

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Copyright Merito Group LLC © 2021