Many of us have struggled to seek employment over the past year or so. If you have been looking for a new tactic in your job search, consider volunteering. offers several reasons why volunteering can get you one step closer to landing a job.  

  1. Volunteering is an Opportunity to Start Networking 

Whether you have been unemployed because of the pandemic or you are a stay-at-home parent volunteering can be an opportunity to grow your network. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet people who will hire you or refer you to someone who can.   

Networking may seem tedious, but it is a valuable tool to utilize during your job search. The results speak for themselves! Lou Adler, the CEO and founder of the Adler group, reported that 85% of jobs are filled through networking in some capacity.   

  1. Volunteering is an Opportunity to Show Off Your Skills 

When you volunteer, find a position that allows you to utilize the skills you wish to use in a job. Not only is this great practice for you, but it also displays your abilities to future employers. This is especially useful if you decide to volunteer for an organization that you want to work for one day.   

Volunteering is also an opportunity to show off soft skills like interpersonal communication and punctuality. Forbes recommends that you treat volunteering as a job and demonstrate an excellent work ethic.   

  1. Volunteering Can Boost Your Mood & Productivity  

Having a positive mindset during your job search is one of the key factors to successfully landing a job. Rather than focusing on being unemployed, volunteering can get you out of the house and involved in something meaningful. Volunteering is an opportunity to provide some structure to your day and keep you motivated throughout your job search.