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The holiday season is fast approaching, and for many businesses, that means gearing up for increased demand. This often leads to the need for holiday hiring, as companies seek to bolster their workforce to meet customer demands. However, it’s important to remember that many full-time employees may also seek part-time jobs during this time to supplement their income for holiday expenses. As an employer, you can strike a balance that benefits both your employees and your business by being proactive and understanding. Ensure that your company’s success isn’t compromised during the busy holiday season while supporting your employees’ needs.


Holiday Bonuses

One way to ease the financial burden on your full-time employees during the holidays is to consider offering holiday bonuses. A bonus can provide your employees with extra income to cover holiday expenses, reducing the pressure to take on a part-time job. It’s a good note to remember, that even if you are paying your employees well, you never know their personal financial situations. It’s possible that your well-paid employees struggle to make ends meet, especially during the holiday season.

The gesture of appreciation can also boost employee morale and loyalty, contributing to a positive work environment. If your team has the financial means to bonus employees, the holiday season is the time to do it. 

Strong leaders continue to yield impressive KPIs even during the holiday season. Empower your team during the holiday season and respond with holiday bonuses as a reward. 

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Set Clear Boundaries in Employee Offer Letters Regarding Side-Gigs

When hiring new employees, it’s essential to set clear expectations and boundaries regarding gig jobs or part-time work during any season, including the holiday season. In your offer letters or employment contracts, consider outlining your company’s policies on secondary employment. You might specify that employees are required to disclose any part-time jobs, or you could restrict certain types of gigs that may conflict with their full-time responsibilities. The key is to strike a balance that works for both parties and doesn’t jeopardize the productivity and commitment of your full-time employees.

If these practices are not already in place, the holidays are not the time to implement these changes. How your employees pay their bills should never be an afterthought to them, and you, as the employer, have a responsibility to provide transparent communication from the beginning.


Communication and Transparency Before and During the Holiday Season

Maintain open lines of communication with your employees throughout the holiday season. Encourage them to discuss their holiday work plans with you. This will help you understand their needs and concerns better, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to minimize disruptions to your business operations. 

Consider Temporary Hires 

If you have multiple team members using vacation time, it might be necessary to enlist temporary hires. There are thousands of qualified candidates who prefer temporary positions, or who are interested in learning more about your company culture for a potential career. Temps can be a fantastic asset to add to your team at any time of the year, but during the holidays these could be a win-win situation for your team and temp hires. Temps will help to boost your current team’s morale, keep your clients and customers happy, and might just be the next great full-time employee you’ve been searching for. 

In addition to your full-time workforce, consider hiring temporary seasonal employees to handle the increased workload during the holidays. Temporary hires can help alleviate the strain on your full-time employees and ensure that your business continues to operate efficiently. Be sure to provide proper training and support to these temporary workers to ensure they integrate smoothly into your team. 

Employee Assistance Programs and Financial Literacy Resources

Some businesses offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that provide resources and support for employees facing financial stress or personal challenges. These programs can offer counseling, financial planning, and other services that may help your employees manage their finances better during the holiday season.

Offering financial literacy training is a massive benefit to your employees for multiple reasons, one of the biggest ones being that their employer sees them more than a paycheck. If your company has the means and resources to provide educational programs that set employees up for success long before the stress of the holidays, your team’s efficiency and productivity will only continue to rise, even during the holidays.

The New York Post recently released an article that holiday hiring for gig jobs is the lowest it’s been since 2008. This could leave some additional stress on your employees who may rely on this time of work to get them through the season. Preparing them for overall financial well-being is a skill and a gift that shouldn’t be underestimated.


Holiday hiring and the decision of your full-time employees to take on part-time jobs can present challenges for employers. However, with proactive measures and a compassionate approach, you can strike a balance that benefits everyone involved. By offering holiday bonuses, setting clear boundaries, providing flexibility, maintaining open communication, considering temporary hires, and offering employee assistance programs, you can ensure that your company’s success isn’t sacrificed during the holiday season while supporting your employees’ needs. This approach can foster a harmonious and productive workplace during this festive time of the year.


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