Merito Group is a woman owned recruitment firm based in Washington DC, placing the best talent with the best companies. However, in a job market where, as discussed last week, unemployment is at a low currently in the United States recruiters need to stand out in their field as the best to not only the best talent, but to stand out to companies as the best partner. Here, LinkedIn takes a look at the differences between good and great recruiters. How many of these points do you follow as a recruiter?

In a recent study, LinkedIn compared the performance of the best executive recruiters to their corporate, RPO and agency counterparts. The overall results are summarized in the graphic.

What the Best Recruiters Do Differently

  • More high touch career advisory role when dealing with candidates
  • More trusted, have strong job knowledge and are more persuasive with hiring managers so they don’t need to present as many candidates
  • Recognize talent and have strong interviewing skills
  • More persistent, so they engage with more top prospects, get more referrals and close deals more frequently
  • Specialists, have deeper networks and can build the target list quickly
  • Better negotiators focusing more on career growth than compensation when discussing opportunities
  • Their subject matter expertise creates a relationship with hiring managers and prospects that goes beyond the current opening

Collectively, this is how they deliver stronger candidates for the toughest roles more quickly and with fewer offers being rejected or countered.



Just about any recruiter can learn what’s required to achieve this level of proficiency given the opportunity. But lack of opportunity to learn the advanced skills is a huge roadblock, mostly due to the size of the workload. The best recruiters don’t work more than 6-8 assignments, often less, at any one time, but they fill the jobs more quickly with stronger people. While it’s a big hurdle to overcome for most corporate recruiters, it is suggested to those recruiters who want to learn what’s involved in recruiting this way to work on just one important search project with a strong hiring manager.

To learn how to get started and become the best recruiter in the business, read more of Lou Adler‘s fascinating article from LinkedIn here.

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