We always hear the common question: what is the difference between executive search and recruitment? Both have the same goal: filling a vacancy. But the methods are quite different.

Here you will find a brief overview and then the main differences between these two types of services.

The Difference – Executive search vs recruitment 

Recruitment agencies seek candidates with a broad skill set to fill a variety of positions. These agencies are generalists offering their services to fill any position within the client’s company. They typically look for candidates with the following job profile:

  • Non-executive positions
  • Jobs requiring less specialized skills
  • Jobs that do not require any specialization
  • Candidates with multiple skills matching various roles

On the other hand, Executive Search Firms seek candidates with a specific skill set. They seek individuals with highly specialized skills and these firms are specialists who focus on finding individuals with the following job profile:

  • Technical skills
  • Executive level positions
  • Hard-to-find positions
  • Business critical positions


Merito Group is a recruitment as well as an executive search firm, we can clearly define the differences and the values each service offers.


If you are unsure which method is best for your company, or you would like to know more about the differences between executive search and recruitment, Merito Group can help. Contact us here.