With so many job interview how-to guides out there, you’d think we’d all be nailing them by now. A new survey from recruiting solutions company JazzHR, however, shows that candidates still are making employers all over the country do face palms with a few key interview mistakes.

The 7 biggest deal breakers hiring managers can’t stand to see

Among the you-should-know-better-by-now blunders, JazzHR’s survey of more than 500 hiring professionals across the country found that

86 percent of interviewers won’t consider candidates not authorized to work in the country. These employers know unauthorized workers can have great skills they need. But the legal ramifications–for example, finesthe loss of a business license or even jail–usually aren’t worth the risk for most companies.

81 percent of respondents agree that badmouthing a previous employer or employers is bad news. Mature candidates don’t badmouth old bosses or companies because take responsibility for their own part in events. Even if the employer truly was at fault, hiring managers still want you to “be the better (wo)man” and show that you’ve grown and learned from what happened. They know that if you talk badly about an old employer, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to do it to them, too, and they’ll draw the line at risking their hard-earned reputation.

8 out of 10 people would not hire a candidate with visibly bad hygiene. This is a turnoff for hiring managers for the same reason you wouldn’t want a dirty Tinder date. The underlying message is that you don’t care about yourself, others or your work enough. Even if you could prove this isn’t the case, employers aren’t going to want others to get that initial impression from you.

76 percent of respondents would show a candidate the door if they appeared arrogant. Bosses need to know you’re able to respect their authority and the contributions from others on the team, not your own ego. They also need to know you’re humble enough to be willing to learn and take responsibility for mistakes.

71 percent of hirers wouldn’t hire a person who missed the dress code memo. Yes, hoodie-loving Mark Zuckerberg and others like him are making leaders cut employees some slack when it comes to attire. Even so, appearances still count in first impressions, and employers want to see someone polished. Your best bet when in doubt? Look at what others in the company wear ahead of time and match it.

Now, consider these last two points carefully:

90 percent of respondents wouldn’t hire someone who lied on their resume. We get it. The market’s tough, so you feel like you’ve got to play hardball. But lies don’t build the trust employers need to give you great projects, job security and the perks you’re after.

90 percent of people would disqualify a candidate if they simply touched their phones. Attention on the interviewer, people. That’s all there is to this one. Turn your device off and put it away.

Did you catch it?

Tech–or rather the distractions it causes–is now just as reviled during the interview process as fibbing. I’ll give you a moment to let that one sink in.

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