As if a job interview isn’t stressful enough, now you’ve been asked to give a presentation as part of the process.


Well, considering that an interview is a chance for your potential employer to fully assess your abilities, it’s no surprise. And this is a good thing! A well-developed and delivered presentation can let you shine like nothing else. So, how do you make sure that your presentation is flawless?

Try these steps for interview presentation success.

1. Know What You’re Working With

As soon as you’re asked to give a presentation, start by asking the hiring manager a few questions. Learn more about the topics you should present on, see how much time you’ll have, and ask what technology you’ll have access to.

It’s particularly important to ask to whom you’ll be presenting. What is the knowledge or expertise level of the audience? Will they be your colleagues, your bosses, or your potential clients? Knowing this will help you determine how to pitch your presentation, what focus you should take, and what tone would be most appropriate.

2. Start With a Structure

Once you’ve identified the purpose and key message of your presentation, you can start to structure it. Developing a clear structure will help you stay on point and help your audience follow you.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have the basic components of a well-structured presentation, including a captivating introduction, a compelling argument in the body, and a memorable conclusion. But this is an interview, and you want to impress your audience. No matter what you’re talking about, weave in examples of your skills and abilities, recommendations of how you would tackle a project for the company, or some other way of connecting your experience with what the employer needs.

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