The most important investment of any company is in their Human Capital.
Having the right person with the right skill set assigned to a set of tasks and responsibilities that maximizes their strengths and compliments others on the team while offering them personal challenge and professional growth is a delicate balancing act, and not often accomplished by simply running ads to attract applicants to a generic job description.

Our team of experienced Executive Recruiters have thousands of successful placements under their belt because they take the time to get to know you, your company/ division /department’s needs as well as our candidates’ personal interests and goals through a thorough in-person interview process. Blending your needs with candidates’ desires makes the right match more attainable for all parties.

Culture fit, beyond skills, plays a key role in you and your employees’ success. Maximize your human capital investment with a strong talent acquisition strategy that includes tapping into the expertise of The Merito Group.
The Merito Group offers a full portfolio of time efficient, flexible, talent acquisition services adapted and customized to your unique needs:

retained executive search
contingency search
direct-hire search
temporary placements
contract resources
exclusive outsourced search relationships
recruitment process outsourcing (rpo)
surge recruiting projects and sourcing



% of placed candidates are from referrals


primary point of contact


% donated annually from Merito Group to support sustainable communities


exclusivity required on searches


See what our clients and candidates are saying
Over the last decade I have had the privilege to interact with Dondi in both charitable and professional settings. Throughout the years Dondi has managed a successful professional role in concert with increasing her outreach to the community, often developing relationships that create value across many segments. This is one of the unique attributes about Dondi, she demonstrates her obligation to the community by naturally connecting to others in an effort to help them achieve their goals. Dondi provides a rare form of guidance with a level of energy and understanding that most professionals don’t possess. Dondi is a natural connector, her ability to build partnerships is amazing and the value she brings to the community is truly impressive.

Sam has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Rarely, have I worked w/ a recruiter who actually had my best interest in mind. Unlike most other recruiters, Sam wasn’t interested in just placing me, he wanted to make sure that I was happy wherever I was going to be working. He kept me posted throughout the entire process, so I was always in the loop. He was always available whenever I had any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Sam for all recruiting needs. I highly recommend his services.

I have always felt that HR professionals are either beholden to their craft or beholden to their internal customers. Jake is the rare combination of both. The professionalism he brings to serving his internal customers is unmatched. From my interactions with him, as well as customers, he makes them feel like they are the most important focus of his job at that specific moment. That goes a long way in wooing a candidate, calming a nervous hiring manager or building an executive's confidence in the HR team. The level of skill and experience he brings to the recruitment, onboarding and employee lifecycle is unmatched. Note that I mentioned the employee lifecycle, as Jake does not believe his customers are satisfied once a candidate signs an offer letter. He has often mentored new hires, new managers and expats on the difficulty of navigating a new job/culture/country. Working alongside Jake has been a rewarding experience for me as I have learned to appreciate the soft touch and its value to a candidate and internal customer.

In the short time I worked with Carolyn, I found her to be a consummate professional who is head and shoulders above the many recruiters I’ve worked with over the past 8 months. She skillfully coached me through every aspect of the interview process and her constructive criticism helped me become a better candidate. I’m happy to say that with her help, I received and accepted an employment offer and I’m excited to start working in my new job.

I have worked extensively with Lindsay and I find her to be a very hard working, consummate professional. She will work at all hours to resolve issues and is very detail oriented. She is pleasant and cares deeply about her clients and colleagues. Lindsay has a very bright future and I have tremendous personal and professional respect for her.